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To all students:

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must follow Public Health guidelines and isolate yourself. You must quickly contact your program coordinator and provide proof of your positive test. If you are waiting for a test result, do not come to the College.

Fall 2021 Will be in person

The fall semester will be delivered in person with certain health and safety measures in place.

About TAV College

TAV College is a private bilingual college located in the Côte-Des-Neiges-NDG borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We offer over 15 career or pre-university programs of study to a large multicultural body of students. From our beginnings as a smaller institution within Quebec’s college network, originally affiliated with Champlain College, TAV quickly developed into a private institution, which has been recognized and accredited for subsidies from the Quebec Ministry of Education since 2010.

Today, our college boasts a brand-new 65,000 square foot building, which is annexed to our original campus building on Decarie Boulevard. This modern building houses four science laboratories, a private café, a private gym, as well as many other facilities for all of our programs.

In 2018, we announced our plans to erect a second campus building, which completed construction in August of 2021. This new building will allow us to continue to expand our educational offerings as well as further develop our enriched learning experience.


  The goal of our college is to help individuals realize their full potential, academically and personally while respecting their cultural and ethnic diversity.


 Our continuous mission is to establish the College as a community resource centre for lifelong learning.


  TAV emphasizes excellence in teaching and academic standards and encourages the interaction between faculty and students through smaller, more focused classrooms.



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