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Alternative Study Options


Traditional CEGEP pathways to higher education are not always accessible to all students and we understand that! TAV offers three different alternative study options with the goal of helping students, in Quebec and abroad, realize their educational goals.

What are Alternative Study programs?

Alternative study options offer unconventional pathways for academic success by providing students with the necessary prerequisites to be offered admission into a preuniversity DEC program or a university program.

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Springboard to DEC

This one-year foundational study program is designed for students who have successfully obtained a high school diploma but lack the prerequisites that are needed to gain admission into the program of their choice.


Grade 12 Study Option

The Grade 12 Study Option program allows students to obtain an Ontario high school diploma in a Quebec college while being taught by college professors. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with peers while following a regular daytime schedule.


University Prerequisites

An alternative study option that allows students to build a customized course schedule and take the necessary courses in order to complete the CEGEP credits that are needed for admission to the university program.

Updated: August 29, 2022

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