Project Management



This program prepares students to acquire the skills necessary to act as technical support for a project manager or to work as a project manager.


In the field of accounting, project managers must be able to provide technical support in financial analysis, internal control, auditing, budget planning and costing.

In the field of management, project managers must support and assist the work related to the management of a company’s human, financial and material resources. These responsibilities may be associated, among other things, with the management of business development projects or international business transactions. Roles and duties may include the supervision of personnel.

Project managers are called upon to operate in a highly computerized environment using integrated management tools. They must be able to employ effective communication approaches, both within the company as well as with suppliers and customers.


Effective project managers must be versatile in the face of complex and changing work situations. They must be able to analyze problems quickly and react effectively to meet the evolving need of the organization. Thus, the skills acquired in this program will enable Project Management Technicians to:

  • Establish quality interpersonal relationships
  • Communicate effectively in French and English
  • Manage their professional activities
  • Apply the principles, techniques and methods specific to the field of project management.


General goals of training

The objectives and standards of the program take into account all the problems that project management technicians encounter in the course of their profession. The following are the program training goals:

  1. Train project management technicians who are effective in the exercise of their profession
  2. Allow students to take on the roles, perform the duties and activities associated with project management as soon as they enter the labour market
  3. Allow students to evolve successfully in the workplace through technical knowledge and skill training, mastery of technological tools and methods related to project management
  4. Train students on how to effectively communicate in French and English, as well as develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  5. Promote the person’s integration into working life by making them aware of the labour market in general as well as the particular context of project management


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