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The re-registration period for the Fall 2023 semester for all current students > May 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023

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This webpage provides information specifically for students currently enrolled at TAV College.

Registering, tuition fees, booking, and more

Did you know that you have to re-register each semester?

At TAV College, you must register before the end of each semester to indicate that you intend on returning to the College the following semester. For example, if you are in the Winter semester, you must re-register for the Fall semester before the specified deadline. Before you are able to register, your tuition fees must either be paid in full, or an agreement must be made with the College. Please see the front desk.


  • There is a registration fee of $80.00 per semester.
  • There is a penalty fee of $30.00 for late registrations.

Registration Period for the Fall semester: (LOCAL STUDENTS)

  • All programs: Begins May 2nd; deadline is June 30th.

Registration Period for Fall semester: (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS):

  • All programs: Begins June 20th; deadline is August 1st.


Registration Period for the Winter semester: (LOCAL STUDENTS)

  • All programs: Begins November 1st; deadline is December 30th.

Registration Period for Winter semester: (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS):

  • All programs: Begins November 1st; deadline is December 30th.

Registration deadline

Register before the deadlines indicated above to avoid paying late fees and to ensure your spot in classes.


How to re-register

Re-register as soon as possible to avoid long wait times. This involves two parts:

  1. Visit the front desk: You must pay the $80 registration fee at the front desk AND your tuition fees must be paid in full before you can register.
  2. Make an appointment with your academic advisor: Once your tuition and registration fees have been paid (or an agreement has been made with the College), you must meet with your academic advisor to plan your schedule for the following semester.


Who is my Academic Advisor?
To meet with your academic advisor to complete your registration for next semester and to plan your schedule, visit the academic advising webpage .


Late registrations
Late registrations for Fall 2022 will be processed between August 1st and August 19th, 2022. An additional 30$ fee will be applied to any late registrations.


Not returning to TAV next semester?
If you are not intending to return to TAV next semester, you must notify your academic advisor of this decision as soon as possible (this does not apply if you’re graduating).



Tuition fees must either be paid in full or a payment plan must be agreed upon before students can register for the next semester. Additionally, students who have not paid their tuition fees may be locked out of Omnivox.

Tuition fee payment deadlines

Fall semester: December 31st

Winter semester: June 15th


Drop deadlines for courses

If you are not satisfied with a course, you may drop it from your schedule.

  • To drop a course, you must speak to your academic advisor.
  • You cannot drop a course after the second week of classes.

Requesting a permanent incomplete

A permanent incomplete is an official status within a student’s record indicating that the student experienced an extraordinary circumstance mid-semester and was unfit to complete the course(s).

  • For permanent incompletes, you must provide appropriate documentation proving you couldn’t complete your studies for a period of three (3) weeks or more for a serious motive, including illness or death of a spouse or death of a family member (see Regulation Promoting Academic Success for details).
  • The College does not give permanent incompletes because you are failing a course or because you were absent for a final exam.

Book a service appointment

To alleviate schedule conflicts during peak times of the year, please use the TAV College booking system to schedule an appointment. We offer many different types of services to meet your needs. Use the link below to access the booking system.

Student services and resources

Did you know you have access to on-campus services? Additionally, we have provided numerous online resource centres for help with Omnivox, contact information for dealing with sexual violence, mental health, and/or addictions as well as preparation for university or the workforce.

Student services

Student services are available to help you succeed throughout your journey at TAV College. On this page you will information regarding academic advising, financial aid, facilities, student ID cards, extra help centres, and more.

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On this page, you will find information regarding assistance for sexual violence, mental health, and/or addiciton situations, campus maps, study tips, and more.  

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Student experience

Learn about the on-campus clubs, associations, and services available to you while you’re a registered student.

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Academic calendar

News and information for you

Updated: April 19, 2023

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