Admission Requirement for DEC Programs


To be admitted in a program that leads to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS), the applicant must meet the three following requirements (a, b, or c):

a) Have graduated from High School and is one of the following situations:

1. The applicant obtained a HSD in the youth sector or in the adult sector.

NOTE: The student with a HSD who did not succeed in the following subjects:

  • Secondary V Language of Instruction;
  • Secondary V Second Language;
  • Secondary IV Mathematics;
  • Secondary IV Science and Technology or Technological and Scientific Applications;
  • Secondary IV History and Citizenship Education.

Will be required to take part in remedial activities for the missing courses.

2. The applicant who has a Secondary School Vocational Diploma (SSVD) and who has suc­cessfully completed the following courses:

  •  Secondary V Langue of Instruction;
  • Secondary V Second Language;
  • Secondary IV Mathematics.


b) Has completed training that is deemed equivalent by the College.


c) Has completed training and has work experience deemed sufficient by the College and has inter­rupted his/her full-time studies for a cumulative period of at least 36 months.

NOTE: The College can require that remedial activities be completed by virtue of article 2.2, third paragraph, of the RREC.

  • Satisfy the particular admission conditions established by the Minister that specify the program course prerequisites.
  • Satisfy the particular admission conditions established by the College for each program.
  • The remedial activities designated in article 4.1 will need to be successfully completed during the first session of college studies. In certain excep­tional cases, a prolongation of that delay can be granted following a written request by the student and after consultation with the student advisor.
  • A conditional admission is granted to the ap­plicant who has not completed all required graduation units leading to the HSD, without exceeding 6 units. The same treatment will be made of applicants with an SSVD who does not have all of the units in the designated sub­jects to be admitted to college studies.

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