Students Services

Student Advisor

If you require assistance with your admission, your student file, your courses, or your course schedule, the student advisor is available to help you. One method of ensuring success during your college studies is to gain a good understanding of your program, solidifying your academic project and taking charge of it as soon as possible.

The Student Advisor will assist you for the dura¬tion of your program. Each semester, he will propose a course selection that takes account of your reality. He will also work closely with the teachers who also support your efforts. Your Student Advisor will be happy to answer your questions, to guide you in achieving your aca¬demic goals and clarify your options.

He can help you manage your course of studies and the many obligations you must assume as a student.

You may meet your student advisor to discuss any of the following subjects:

  • Support for academic success
  • Specific study projects
  • Program changes
  • Conditional admission / student success contract
  • Illness
  • Absences from class
  • Conflicts
  • Course changes and cancellations
  • Request for a course equivalence, substitution or exemption
  • Request for a Permanent Incomplete

Your academic success matters to us! If you need help, contact your student advisor. He is there to help you!

Office Hours:

To make an appointment, please phone 514 731 2296 ext. 229.

Special Measures Office

You Have Special Needs?

Tell us about your special needs. If you have a disability, TAV College will make every effort to assist you. If you have a diagnosed and documented disability, you can schedule a meeting with our  coordinator of special need to ensure  appropriate accommodations are put in place.

Depending on your assessment accommodations may include:

  • Subsidized Tutorial
  • Educational planning and management
  • Extended assignment deadlines
  • Modified exam conditions
  • Special Measures Coordinator: Annie Goldstein, #, Office, Email,

Workshops, Tutoring and English Language Remedial Classes

The college organizes workshops for students who need assistance with their studies. This can include help with note taking, study practices, time management, stress management and exam preparation. The College also offers peer tutoring as an added measure for success.

Every semester, students can register for the English Remedial course to improve their laguage skills. Take advantage of this language support measure that does not lead to an official grade on your transcript!

Financial Aid

The aim of our Financial Aid Office is to offer specific assistance to students who experience financial difficulties during their stay with us. The financial aid advisors inform and advise students regarding the existence of and eligibility criteria for the different financial aid programs available to them. They also advise students on the personal management of their budget, help them to understand and follow the development of their files and accompany them in their dealings with financial aid.

They provide students with the necessary tools for improving their financial and social situation. An interactive telephone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 514 864-4505 or you can go to the Web Site at

Full-time students (a minimum of 4 courses or 180 hours) can ask for financial aid (loans and bursaries). The financial aid office is located on the ground floor (rooms A113 and A114). Staff can help you with more general questions, but if you require additional information, you can make an appointment with them by contacting the main office at 514 731-2296, ext. 223.

Computer Labs

The college has six computer labs. These labs can be used by students outside scheduled teaching hours. To be granted access to the computer labs, students must be in good standing and produce a VALID student ID card. Throughout the year, and unless otherwise stated, the labs will be opened for personal use between 8:30 am and 9:30 pm if available and not scheduled for class. Please refer to the computer lab schedules posted by rooms B202, B203, B204, A504 and A505 to find out about computer lab availability. Please note that the A203 laboratory is reserved for students in the Arts and Letters program.


Omnivox is a website that allows Students  to have access to your Course Plan, Handouts, Transcript, Results, and internal college email.

Procedure for students:

Before you start, you need to have this informa¬tion with you:

  • Your student Admission Number (what we refer to as the DA Number). It has 7 digits (eg.: 1131234).
  • Your permanent Code (eg.: ZZZZ12345600)
  • Your Date of Birth

In order to access OMNIVOX, all you need to do is click on the OMNIVOX SUNFLOWER found on the College’s Webpage ( Once you have clicked on the SUNFLOWER, you need to:

  1. Click on “First Use” in the student field and fol¬low the instructions that appear on the screen. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) will be required every time you use the different OMNIVOX Modules.
  2. Click on the desired section at the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter your DA Number along with the PIN Number you created the first time you used OMNIVOX.

If you do not have a computer, you can access Omnivox through the TAV College Computer labs. Please check for availability: Rooms 202, 203 and 204.