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Student Services


Student services provide the tools, facilities, and resources for student success, development, and enhanced learning. Expand the boxes below to get more information.

Academic advising

One method for ensuring success during your college studies is to gain a good understanding of your program, solidify your academic goals, and take charge of it as soon as possible. If you require assistance with your admission, your student file, your course load, progression, or your course schedule, our student advisors are available to help you.

An advisor is able to help you with:

  • Program progression
  • Registration
  • Support for academic success
  • Individual program planning
  • Program changes
  • Conditional admission status or student success contract
  • Conflicts or absences from class
  • Course drops and/or changes
  • Request for a permanent incomplete (see below)
  • Request for a course equivalence, substitution, or exemption
  • Information on university programs & admission requirements
  • Future planning

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TAV Café provides cost-effective Kosher meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All registered students are eligible for a 10% discount if they show a valid student ID card.

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Computer Labs

The College has six computer labs. These labs can be used by students outside scheduled teaching hours. To be granted access to the computer labs, students must be within good standing and provide a VALID student ID card. Throughout the year, and unless otherwise stated, the labs will be opened for personal use between 8:30 am and 9:30 pm if available and not scheduled for class. Please refer to the classroom schedules posted on the walls of B202, B203, B204, A504, and A505 to find out about computer lab availability.

Financial Aid

The aim of our Financial Aid Office is to offer specific assistance to students who experience financial difficulties during their time with us. Our financial aid advisors inform and advise students regarding the existence of and eligibility criteria for the different financial aid programs available to them. They also advise students on methods for personal management of their budget, help them to understand and follow the development of their files and accompany them in their dealings with financial aid.

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Our gym facility is a free service to all students and staff. The gym at TAV is comprised of a cardio training, weight training, and movement studio.

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Help Centres

Each semester, the College provides Help Centres for students who require additional learning assistance. The Help Centres are free services for registered students. To inquire about dates, times, and locations, please refer to the email addresses listed below:

French Help Centre >


English Help Centre


Science Help Centre



Omnivox is a learning management system that connects students to their course outlines, assignment instructions, transcripts, grades, and the internal College e-mail.

For new students:

If you are a new student, go to TAV’s Omnivox login page and click on “First Use”. Note that you will need the following:

  • Your student admission number (what we refer to as the DA Number). It has 7 digits (eg.: 1131234).
  • Your permanent code (eg.: ZZZZ12345600)
  • Your date of birth

For more information, visit the:

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Special Measures

For learners who require adaptive accessibility for their education, TAV College provides special accommodations.

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Student ID Cards

Each student who is registered at TAV College is required to have a student ID card. You can now submit an application to obtain your ID card, along with your photo, online.

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Updated: May 6, 2022

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