About the Program

This program of specialization is aimed at early childhood educators who already have an AEC or a DEC in Early Childhood Education and are employed in this field (daycares, early childhood centers, garderies). This training program allows graduates to be able to observe, detect and develop techniques and skills that meet the specific needs of children in child care to promote their inclusion.

These educators will be able to analyze and evaluate the problems of the child (0-12 years) in difficulty with his family and his environment, develop an appropriate intervention plan and carry out individual or group interventions or refer the client to professional services in the health network. These activities are based on everyday situations to improve communication and each dimension of the life of the child in difficulty (emotional, social, cognitive, verbal, psychomotor, moral, etc.)

Admission Requirements:

This program is for adult clients who meet the following conditions:

  1. The candidate has a high school diploma (DES) or training deemed sufficient by the College AND meets one of the following three conditions:
    • Has interrupted studies for at least two consecutive semesters or one school year;
    • Has completed at least one year of post-secondary education over a period of one year or more;
    • is subject to an agreement between the College and an employer or the College and a government program.
  2. Candidate wishing to enroll in this program must also be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant or other recognized status entitled to study in Québec;


Specific admisssion requirements

To be admitted to the program, the candidate must hold a DEC or an AEC in Early Childhood Education. The studies and experience gained by a candidate, particularly in support of children with special needs, may be considered equivalent by the College, following an evaluation of his/her file.

Employment Perspectives

Our program graduates may work in various types of childcare services to intervene with children who have special needs, including those with language difficulties and the most frequent special needs encountered in daycare.

Why Choose this program at TAV College

Our staff of committed and dedicated teachers are experienced professionals in the field of special education and early childhood education. You will you learn how to intervene with special needs child in a manner that supports their growth and development. TAV also offers an in-depth approach with children having language difficulties.

Session 1
No coursCoursHeuresPondérationUnités
351-501-TVObservation and analysis of the most frequent special needs in day care45 h1-2-21,66
351-502-TVObservation and screening of language difficulties45 h1-2-21,66
351-503-TVConcepts and issues of adaptation45 h2-1-21,66
351-504-TVIntervention techniques and approaches60 h2-2-22,00


Session 2
No coursCoursHeuresPondérationUnités
351-601-TVClinical tools and intervention plans60 h2-2-22,00
351-602-TVIntervention: special needs in day care60 h2-2-22,00
351-603-TVIntervention: children with language difficulties60 h2-2-22,00
351-604-TVIntegrated intervention project60 h1-3-22,00
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