From a small school to a multi-campus college, our vision has always remained the same. Learn about the history, values, and objectives of TAV College in Montreal.


TAV College is a bilingual, not-for-profit, private, subsidized college located in the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We offer pre-university and technical programs of study to a proudly multicultural student population. From our beginnings as a smaller institution within Quebec’s private college network, TAV quickly developed into an established institution, which has been recognized and accredited for subsidies from the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education since 2010.

Today, our college boasts a brand new 65,000 square foot building, which is annexed to our original campus on Decarie Boulevard. This modern building houses biology, chemistry, physics, and 3D printing laboratories, a private café as well as administrative offices and classrooms.

In 2018, due to a steady increase in annual enrolment, we announced our plans to erect a second campus building, which opened its doors, approximately 150 meters from our original campus, at 6005 Decarie boulevard in August 2021. This new building allows us to continue to expand our educational services as well as further develop our enriched learning experience.

TAV College, Buildings B (left) & A (right). 2013. Copyright TAV College.

Mission, vision, and values


We pride ourselves on being a multicultural institution where students from diverse backgrounds contribute to a rich and fulfilling educational experience. Our college aims to help individuals realize their full potential, academically, and personally, while respecting their cultural and ethnic diversity. A broader goal is to establish the college as a community resource center for lifelong learning. TAV emphasizes excellence in teaching and academic standards and encourages interaction between faculty and students.

Our Vision

The ultimate goal of the College is to train our students to become competent, responsible, and well-integrated into Quebec society. Through this, the College aims to:

  • Provide students with the foundation necessary for developing critical thinking skills as well as independence.
  • Allow them to develop themselves personally, academically, and professionally.
  • Nourish and stimulate their intellectual and interpersonal curiosities.
  • Stimulate a desire to discover Quebec society as well as integrate into it.



To achieve our goals, the College consistently supports its Educational Project. The project is based on four essential foundation elements in which all students and staff work, in conjunction, to support:

  • Personal commitment
  • The development of the individual
  • Awareness of others and our environment
  • Opening up to the world




1989 - TAV was founded

TAV was originally founded in 1989 as TAT (Torah and Technology School of Montreal) with the goal of providing the Chassidic Montreal-Jewish community with secular education and training, which would lead to more job opportunities in Quebec society.

2010 - Becomes private

In 1990, TAT started an academic partnership with Champlain College (Saint-Lambert), and in 2007, it began a new partnership with Cégep Marie-Victorin. Near the end of 2010, the school changed its name to TAV (Technology and Vocational college), got approval for independent status, and became a private college recognized and accredited for subsidies from the Quebec Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur).

2013 - First expansion

In 2013, the College built a modern, six-story, 65,000 square-foot building (commonly referred to as the “A” building), which was annexed to its original four-story campus building at 6333 Decarie Boulevard. The new “A building” was a major milestone for the college as it featured four science laboratories, a private gym, two media labs, a private café, a mock-daycare laboratory as well as new administration offices.

2018 - Second expansion

The TAV College administration announced in 2018 that it will expand its campus with the construction of a third building, which will be known as the “C” building. The plans for this modern building place a heavy focus on accessibility and transterior design. The plans dedicate the lowest-level floor to a student lounge center while the other floors of the building will be dedicated to more classroom spaces, a rooftop garden lounge, and exterior study zones. The new building will be located at 6005 Decarie Boulevard (approximately 150 meters from the main campus building). Construction began in December 2019, however, due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the building is only set to open its door in the Fall of 2021.


tav-college-next-gen-montreal-college“C” building. Rendering provided by Les Architects Joly Baygin. Expected date of completion: Fall 2021.

*This historical timeline was researched and written by Justin Hand-Gregory, Communications Coordinator at TAV College. All of the information has been fact-checked through visual evidence. Please gain approval from our communications office to use any of this information: communications@tav.ca



Updated: June 3, 2022

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