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What kind of programs does TAV College offer?

TAV offers four categories of programs: Alternative study, pre-university DEC, technical DEC, and AEC.

What are Alternative study programs?

These programs allow students to complete either the prerequisites that are needed to be admitted to a pre-university program in Quebec or to a university program in Canada.

What are Pre-university DEC programs?

Pre-university DEC programs are unique to the Quebec higher education system and take two-to-three years to complete. The subject matter of these programs roughly corresponds to the additional year of high school (Grade 12), which is given elsewhere in Canada, as well as university-level introductory courses that prepare students for their chosen field in university, hence the “pre” in pre-university.

What are Technical DEC programs?

Technical DEC programs combine general education with career-specific training and can take anywhere from three to four years to complete.

What are AEC programs?

AEC programs cater to an adult audience who are interested in either continuing their education or going back to school to enter a new industry. These programs vary in length from one-to-three years and allow graduates to immediately enter the workforce (as opposed to advancing to university), or to be qualified specialists in a specific discipline.

What do DEC and AEC mean?

DEC derives from the French language and is an acronym for diplôme d’études collégiales; diploma of college studies (DCS) in English. With this diploma, students in Quebec become eligible to advance to university-level studies.

AEC also derives from the French language and is an acronym for attestation d’études collégiales; attestation of college studies (ACS) in English. With this certificate, graduates become qualified to enter the Quebec workforce.

Technical DEC Programs

Updated: September 30, 2022

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