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Programs leading to the attainment of an AEC

TAV College offers seven options under the category of administration and computing career programs. These programs provide graduates with the relevant skills, knowledge, and abilities to manipulate and adjust current as well as new and emerging technologies in order to be successful in their careers.


These programs lead students to the attainment of a Quebec attestation of college studies (ACS) diploma. They are designed to provide adult learners with the necessary training to be qualified professionals in today’s job market. An emphasis is placed on bilingual communication skills and teamwork with a practical skill-based approach.

What does AEC mean?

AEC derives from the French language and is an acronym for attestation d’études collégiales; attestation of college studies (ACS) in English. With this certificate, graduates become qualified to enter the Quebec workforce.

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Internet & Digital Marketing  1 – 2 Years

The program provides training on the fundamentals of online marketing. It is suitable for people interested in managing the online presence of a company or organization.


Office Systems & Accounting (Payroll)  2 Years

The program provides the skills and the necessary knowledge to perform tasks in an office environment based on new technologies.


Computer Networking   2 Years    NEW

The program will prepare students to work as computer network technicians. These technicians participate in the design of networks and install, manage and secure networks, servers, and computers.

International Trade 2 Years

The International Trade technician works for businesses that want to do business outside the country, importing goods or services, sometimes exploring new markets.


Mobile Application Programming  2 Years

Upon completing this program, students will have the skills necessary to develop native and web-based apps, both on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.


Project Management  1 Year

Project Management is a one (1) year certificate program that allows the student to acquire the necessary skills to act as a technical support agent for a project manager or to work as a qualified project manager.


Internet Programming (with Big Data certification)   |  2 Years

A two-year career program that prepares students to be qualified internet and computer programming professionals.

Updated: August 29, 2022

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