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With a focus on creating a supportive and safe environment, our college offers in-house psychosocial consulting services and dedicated sexual violence and mental health counsellors. 

Patrick Girard

Patrick Girard

Psychosocial Counsellor


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Telephone icon    514-731-2296 ext. 226

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*When contacting him, please share your full name, offer a brief description of your concerns, and let us know the best way to reach you

Psychosocial Counselling Services

  • Feeling stressed or anxious? Dealing with symptoms of depression or sadness? Having thoughts about hurting yourself?
  • Struggling with addiction? Going through tough times in your family or marriage?
  • Facing financial problems? Finding it hard to adjust to changes? Having issues with housing?
  • Have you been a victim of violence or harassment?

If any of these things sound like what you’re going through, we’re here to help. You don’t have to face it alone. our in-house psychosocial services are here to provide the support you need.

The college offers its students the opportunity to meet with a psychosocial counsellor specialized in mental health and substance abuse, who will listen to you in a calm atmosphere and in complete confidentiality. He will be on hand to meet you promptly. He will listen attentively to your needs and help you overcome the challenges you face.

The psychosocial counsellor will be able to offer you up to six face-to-face meetings, depending on the needs you identify in advance. If your situation requires long-term psychosocial follow-up, he will be able to refer you to a targeted external team, depending on the issues at hand.

Working in partnership with public and community organizations in the community, our counsellor will also be able to guide you through the various services available that may be appropriate to your situation.

Working closely with the College’s sexual violence counsellor, the psychosocial counsellor can liaise with this resource, which is also available within the College.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it

Support Program: Stay in School

New service for students who are committed to their studies and facing personal difficulties that are prompting them to abandon their plans.

  • Are you involved in a program that’s close to your heart, and thinking of giving it up?
  • Are your mental health, marital, family, or financial difficulties prompting you to put an end to your academic project?
  • Do your academic results not reflect your aspirations, and are you so discouraged that you want to give up?
  • Are you having trouble identifying why you are less motivated or why you are losing interest in your college studies, and you’re thinking of giving up?
  • Are you questioning your chosen program and thinking about reorienting yourself, but don’t know how to go about it?
  • Are you hesitating between returning to the job market or continuing your college studies?


The College offers you the opportunity to meet with our psychosocial counsellor before making a decision that is often impulsive or only partially considered. Before deciding on your academic and professional future, make an appointment with Patrick Girard to consider the possibilities, solutions, alternatives or adjustments that would lighten your load and potentially allow you to pursue a project that is close to your heart. Patrick will listen to you to help you understand the issues at hand and support you in your reflection, with the aim of helping you achieve your goals.
There are always solutions to the difficulties you encounter during your studies, and it’s normal to face challenges that seem insurmountable.

Ask for help before making a decision you may later regret.


For more information, check out the sexual violence resources page.

Updated: May 14, 2024

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