Science Program - Academic Calendar

DEC 200.B0
Fall 2018 - Important Academic Dates

Classes begin: Monday, August 19th

First Week Schedule:

  • Monday (19th): 1st Monday
  • Tuesday (20th): 1st Tuesday
  • Wednesday (21st): 2nd Monday
  • Thursday (22nd): 2nd Tuesday
  • Friday (23rd): 3rd Monday

Orientation Day: August 15th

Drop date deadline: August 30th

No classes

  • September 2, 30
  • October 1, 9, 14, 15, 21, 22

English Exit Exam: December 18th

Last days of classes:

  • Monday, December 9th
  • Tuesday, December 10th
  • Wednesday, December 11th
  • Thursday, December 5th
  • Fri, December 6th

Final exam period:** Dec. 16th – Dec. 24th

* In the first week of classes, we will have 3 Mondays and 2 Tuesdays (schedule-wise). As of the 2nd week, we follow the regular schedule. The first Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday schedules will be on Aug. 28th, 29th, and 30th, respectively. Please follow your weekly schedule (not semester schedule) on Omnivox.

** DO NOT plan any trips during the final exam period.

Final Exam Tentative Schedule (subject to change)

Monday, December 16th:

  • Calculus 1 (science)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Sec 4 Math

Tuesday, December 17th:

  • General Chemistry
  • Sec 5 Chemistry

Wednesday December 18th:

  • English Exit Exam (No science exams)

Thursday, December 19th:

  • Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism

Friday December 20th:

  • Biology 2
  • Introduction to Programming

Monday December 23rd:

  • Social Science 1
Science Competition (internal) Schedule

October 1st: Math (Guinzbourg Award)

Winter 2020 (TBA): Biology, Chemistry, Physics

The competition time and room will be announced later.

The top-ranked students will receive scholarships and will be invited to attend the national competitions. Preparation classes will be offered prior to the national competitions.

For further information regarding the national competitions please consult the links below:

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