Language Stimulation Strategies



Upon completion of this upgrading program, the student in Language Intervention will have acquired the necessary scientific and practi­cal knowledge in a government sponsored educational program designed in collaboration with the Order of Speech Language Pathologists & Audiologists and the Cégep de la Pocatière. The language intervention graduate works with children 0 to 12 years of age.
In compliance with the treatment arranged by the speech therapist and his/her intervention plan, the graduate works to stimulate the child to use good communication practices. He organizes, coordi­nates and leads activities in order to support the learning and acquisition of communication behav­iours and attitudes. He detects relevant indicators in the child’s behaviour and development. In order to exercise his profession, the graduate must foster a good relationship with the child and the family circle; complicity with caregivers and the main service providers involved.
The program allows candidates to acquire the skills to respond appropriately to children who exhibit difficulties or language problems, under the supervi­sion of Speech Therapists and in close collaboration with health care and education professionals. Other conditions for admission: Hold a diploma at the col­lege level in the area of psychosocial training.



Students graduating in Language Intervention Strategies (JNC.0W) will be well prepared to do the following:

  • Process information relating to difficulties or language problems and intervention methods applied in Quebec
  • Recognize the signs of a problem or a language problem
  • Develop appropriate materials.
  • Determine intervention strategies with chil­dren presenting a language difficulty or a language problem.
  • Implement interventions with children present­ing a language difficulty or language problem in accordance with the speech therapy care plan.


The work of the Language Intervention Strategist tar­gets the intervention strategies of developing language with children aged between 0 and 12 years of age. The graduate can work in a school, an Early Childhood Center, a rehabilitation center, through a CLSC or a hospital. In complementary therapy treatment admin­istered by the speech therapist and in accordance with a response plan developed by the professional, the strategist ensures stimulating positive attitudes to communication in children. He/she organizes coor­dinates and conducts activities to ensure learning and the acquisition of attitudes and communicative behaviours. The strategist’s primary objective is to help children learn how to better communicate.

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