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TAV College is a government accredited private college situated in the Cote des Neiges Snowdon district of Montreal. TAV prides itself on being a multicultural institution, where students from diverse backgrounds contribute to a rich and fulfilling educational experience. The aim of our college is to help individuals realize their full potential, academically and personally, while respecting their cultural and ethnic diversity. A broader goal is to establish the college as a community resource center for lifelong learning. TAV emphasizes excellence in teaching and academic standards and encourages interaction between faculty and students.

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Tax clinics – Cliniques d’impôt 2015

Voici une liste des cliniques d’impôts 2015. Here is a list of tax clinics for 2015   …


TAV College will be hosting their first Open House on February 19 from 5 to 6 pm. …

Important deadline

All students who intend to apply to university for the Fall 2015 term should take note of …


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