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Graduate of: Pure and Applied Science

Shua advanced to the Mechanical Engineering program at McGill University.

How was your experience at TAV College?

I really enjoyed my time at TAV! The smaller-sized classrooms allowed for much more individual attention from the teachers as well as allowed me to more quickly make some great friends that I’ll now have forever.

Why did you choose the Science program?

I wanted to go to university for Engineering and so the Pure and Applied Science DEC was the best way to get me there.

Did you feel the College prepared you well for university studies?
Yes! I learned a range of materials from math to science to humanities, which all facilitated the preparation for university-level classes.

What kind of tools did the program give you in order to succeed?
The College and my teachers taught me how to better think on my own and figure out how to solve problems. The teachers would assist, but also, would encourage us to learn more than just what was taught in class.

What kind of stuff did you learn in the program?
I learned various topics of Science from math and physics to biology and chemistry. I also learned a bit of computer programming and other complementary studies (electives), which helped me in my journey through the sciences.

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