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Graduate of: Health Science


Julianne advanced to the Psychology program at Bishop’s University with a Specialization in Neuroscience.

How was your experience at TAV College?

In 2017 I began my studies at TAV. Over the course of 2 years, I had the opportunity to make many great friends while furthering my education thanks to the College’s amazing teachers. I will always remember my time at TAV College fondly, and I will always be grateful to the exceptional faculty and staff who work incredibly hard to provide an outstanding education to their students.

After graduating from TAV, I began my university studies. My background in Health Science was instrumental to my academic success at university. The Health Science program has a stellar lab component, which granted me an advantage in university courses with lab requirements. The English and humanities classes were also pretty enjoyable and informative. These classes helped me to develop strong communication skills, which was very helpful in applying for student employment opportunities in university.

Why did you choose the Science program?

I chose to study Health Science at TAV because I wanted to further my education in an ever-changing and interesting field. This program provided me with the foundation necessary to pursue science at the university level. I chose TAV for the small class size and for the positive, community-oriented environment.

Did you feel the College prepared you well for university studies?
The Health Science program prepared me well for working in a lab setting and studying in a fast-paced field. Through my classes and extracurriculars, I was able to improve my abilities in organization, communication, and time management. I was also able to exercise practical skills within the lab and became comfortable using lab equipment.

What kind of stuff did you learn in the program?
I learned about a variety of fascinating topics while at TAV in the Health Science program. I enjoyed learning about human anatomy and physiology in Biology 1 and 2. The program is heavy in chemistry and physics as well, which enables students to learn about a multitude of interesting subjects while learning how to employ effective study habits. I thoroughly enjoyed the humanities courses, particularly Knowledge, World Views, and History of Western Civilization. These courses play a key role in providing a well-rounded education, not to mention they are exceptionally well-taught and enjoyable.

Do you have questions or comments?
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