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Gabriela Lara de Ita

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Gabriela Lara de Ita


Graduate of: Early Childhood Education


How was your experience at TAV College?

My experience at TAV College was very good and pleasant. The administrative staff was always very attentive and cordial and gave me the help that I needed to solve any issues. The teachers were also very well prepared and brought with them a lot of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, which allowed me to learn through personal stories and experiences as opposed to theory.

Did you feel the College prepared you well for a professional career?

When I finished my DEC in Early Childhood Education, I felt very well prepared to start a professional career as a daycare educator. I was very fortunate to find a job as soon as I finished my studies. The college provided me with the tools I needed to succeed. Coming from another country without any knowledge of what working life was like in Quebec, it was a little scary, but TAV helped me feel more confident because of the tips that I received from my teachers as well as classmates.

What kind of stuff did you learn in the program?

In the Early Childhood Education program, I learned basic communication tools for working with co-workers and/or parents, the types of books and materials that I can use to work with children, everything related to child development from 0 to 12 years old, first aid, nutrition, techniques for working with children with special needs, planning activities according to the age and development of the child, administration and management of a daycare, and many other things.

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