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Internship Documents

General Internship Documents for all programs

Below you will find TAV College’s general internship documentation for all AEC programs. These forms will be required to be filled out and submitted to the Internship Supervisor throughout an internship. Click on the form to start the download.

All forms listed below are capable of being filled out electronically, but they are also printer-friendly PDF documents.

Form A 

Workplace Internship Agreement between TAV College and the Organization

Form B 

Evaluation of the Intern

Form C 

Intern’s Weekly Reflection Logbook (Student’s self-evaluation and memory aid)

Form D 

Internship Evaluation (Student’s evaluation of their internship)

Form E 

Internship Research Log (Student’s log of search history)

Form F 

Internship Confirmation (Organization’s confirmation of hosting a student)

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