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Bilingual Study Option

Bilingual Pre-University DEC Programs

Be better equipped for the Quebec workforce by undertaking bilingual studies! Learn in an English environment, while completing general education courses in French.



At TAV College, we offer students the option of completing their general education courses in French, while completing their program-specific courses in English. For example, if you want to study in the Science program with the bilingual option, you will be able to complete all your science-related courses in English. At the same time, your general education courses – language of instruction and literature, humanities, elective courses, and physical education – will be in French. Of course, the English as a second language course will be in English.

*Note that this option is only available for our pre-university DEC programs.


If you have completed your high school in French, or if you have a strong foundation in French, and would like to continue consolidating these skills, this is a valuable opportunity for you. This is a unique study option that enables students to develop their English-language competencies while strengthening their reading and writing proficiency in French.

The French courses, Français, langue d’enseignement et littérature, aim to prepare students for the Ministerial Exit Exam, l’épreuve uniforme de français .

For this evaluation, students will write a 900-word essay articulating a critical point of view based on literary fiction or nonfiction excerpts of literature. Students may not obtain their college diploma (DEC) without completing this exam that is organized and corrected by the Quebec government, ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur.

The first three (3) French courses are geared towards the specific requirements of this exam. Only students having completed 601-101-MQ (Écriture et littérature), 601-102-MQ (Littérature et imaginaire), and be registered in 601-103-MQ (Littérature québécoise) are eligible for undertaking the exam.

2. Which programs offer the Bilingual Study Option?
  • Social Science: General profile
  • Social Science: Commerce profile
  • Health Science
  • Pure and Applied Science
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Springboard to DEC
3. How do I register for the Bilingual Study Option?
  1.  Use the normal application process and apply to any of the programs listed above.
  2.  An admissions advisor will contact you to finalize your application.
  3.  When the admissions advisor contacts you, they will ask if you are interested in the Regular or Bilingual cohort for this program.
  4.  Inform the admissions advisor that you are interested in undertaking the bilingual study option and the advisor will enter the necessary information into your file.
  5.  You will be registered under the bilingual study option.
4. What are the advantages of this study option?
  • Strengthen your French-language knowledge.
  • Reinforce your English speaking, writing, and reading skills.
  • French general education courses help students in preparing for the exit exam, organized by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

Updated: April 21, 2022

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