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TAV College is set to welcome its first-ever group of students into its Grade 12 program in the Fall 2022 semester. TAV’s Grade 12 Study Option is the first of its kind in Montreal in a college environment.

This one-year program allows students to obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which satisfies the admission requirements for universities in Quebec, Canada, the USA, and abroad.

The program is an ideal alternative for students in Quebec who do not want to undertake the conventional DEC pathway. Students can now advance to university after just one year while being prepared for a smooth transition into university-level studies. This is uniquely achieved at TAV college, which offers the only such option within a college setting.

Additionally, a new law (Bill 96) will soon be passed which will limit access to English colleges for many anglophone and allophone students. TAV’s grade 12 program, taught in English, will enable all students to achieve their academic objectives and advance to a university environment one year earlier.

According to Eli Meroz, TAV’s Director of Studies,

“students who are registered at schools that offer grades K – 12 or 7 – 12 often want to experience a different learning and social environment before advancing to university. This new program at TAV will expose students to the college experience which is an essential ingredient for academic success in university.”


Students will be taught on-site, by experienced college instructors and will have additional learning support offered by the College’s academic partner, the Ontario Virtual School (OVS). Moreover, students will have access to TAV’s help centres, extracurricular activities, facilities, and resources.

Three profiles are available: Sciences, General Social Science, or Commerce. TAV will be accepting applications for admission to this program for the Fall semester until August 15, 2022. For full details about the program, to see the course lists, and to apply, visit:

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