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To the TAV College community,

This year, the holiday season will bring its share of challenges for families all over Quebec. As Montreal is part of a red zone, it will be impossible for many to celebrate with their family as usual. This means that each household will have to reinvent its traditions of festivities.

In recent months, isolation and mental health have been at the heart of the concerns for many specialists and society in general. As an educational institution, the College was able to see the distress caused by this period of adaptation to the situation of a global pandemic. This is why the TAV College would like to invite you to participate in a special social project started by Sylvie Chevrier, aimed at breaking the isolation of many by writing a letter of Holiday greeting to a single person living in senior-care residence.

If this social project appeals to you, you have three (3) options for participating BEFORE DECEMBER 18, 2020 at 5 PM:

1. Send a personal Holiday greeting message by email to and we will print your message using the TAV College printers and will send your letter to the senior-care home on your behalf.

2. Write a letter by hand and send a photocopy by email to We will then print your photocopy and send it to the senior-care home on your behalf.

3. We encourage you to reach out to the senior-care residences in your neighborhood and ask them if you can send them some letters for senior citizens who will be alone for the holidays. 

When writing your letter, remember to:

  • Address it to a general audience (dear sir or madam…)
  • Avoid a message for a specific holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)
  • Sign your name at the bottom to make the message more personal
  • Be creative!


Want to send your own letter? Download, print and send this letter template:


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