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For Arts, Literature and Communications students:

Due to health concerns, in light of COVID-19, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your own Adobe Creative Suite subscription as well as basic media equipment in order to reduce your need to come to campus.


As a student, you can benefit from Adobe’s student/teacher pricing, which is roughly $26.88 (CAD) per month or $322.55 (CAD) per year.

The reason for this recommendation is to reduce your need to come to campus during the ongoing pandemic.


For more information, visit the Adobe website for full package offers and pricing details:


It is recommended that you purchase or rent a DSLR camera as it is the camera that you will be learning about and most exposed to in your film courses.

You should also have access to:

  • Functional sound recording software (sound recording app on your phone will suffice)
  • A computer that can open and process Adobe software (Microsoft or Mac OS)
  • A good pair of headphones (not earbuds or Airpods)
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