Personal Training



Our Personal Training AEC program aims to train health and fitness instructors whose role is to:

  • Promote physical activity and health to a varied clientele
  • Collect relevant information
  • Develop training programs based on the physical ability of the individual
  • Implement and lead fitness activities
  • Participate in the implementation of follow-up mechanisms on the clientele
  • Promote health towards consumers


Fitness instructors work in facilities that offer individual or group fitness activities, or they are provided with infrastructures that facilitate the organization of such activities.

The presence of fitness centres, as well as recreational and tourist complexes, municipal centres and residential establishments is constantly rising. Fitness instructors and personal trainers may work within these facilities or they can also work within businesses and organizations that are seeking to promote increased physical activity.


The sectors covered by this certification are bound by the type of clientele involved:

Individuals: Any individual seeking advice, coaching and/or support in their fitness goal(s).

Public groups or businesses: Any business or community group seeking to support its staff in their approach to fitness and physical health.


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