Course List

Social Media and Digital Marketing AEC LCA.D2

Session 1


410-101-TV Introduction to Internet marketing and multimedia

This course introduces the fundamentals of digital marketing and the creation of a digital marketing business and advertising plan. By developing knowledge of the field and critical thinking, students will better be able to obtain employment at the end of the program.

410-102-TV Online marketing research

This course describes the context of a company or an organization in terms of product positioning, advertising plans, promotional plans and analysis of the target audience (customer insight).

410-104-TV Website architecture and content management system

This course enables students to develop the skills required to precisely identify the languages, software and sources of information applicable to website programming. Students will learn to recognize, analyze and adapt the interactivity of web pages, create navigation schemas and use the fundamental technologies and practices of the industry relative to content management systems and online business.

410-105-TV Multimedia and Internet design

This course explains how to analyze the communication structure of web pages according to the methods, tools and good practices of the industry. Students will learn to analyze the design of webpages, to propose adaptations using the standard tools for editing image, video and audio content, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, as well as the theoretical and practical basics of webpage design within standard reference frameworks and logical navigation schemes.

410-107-TV Web programming I

This course focuses on the use of WordPress to create websites and manage content. Students will learn to set up and deploy a WordPress website, apply themes, create custom themes and tag posts. The course also covers the installation of plugins that monetize traffic, display photo galleries and save and retrieve survey data.

Session 2


410-201-TV Web programming II

The course explains the concepts of the JavaScript programming language and how it can be combined with the HTML code to better control various webpage components. Students will create webpages and add various JavaScript user interface programming components to accept data and user control to perform specific programming needs.

410-202-TV Marketing and social media

This course gives students deeper knowledge and stronger skills in the strategy, planning and execution of marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. Students will learn to specify the objectives of a media plan in the technical and creative context of an advertising and promotion campaign, write promotional texts adapted to both the positioning of the advertising and promotion campaign, as well as the laws and regulations in force as and the specific context of the social media used.

410-205-TV Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This course delves into the skills needed to precisely optimize a website. The student will become proficient at on-site and off-site search engine optimization and learn advanced techniques for maximizing business performance on all channels, including on the website and social media platforms.

410-206-TV Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This course deals with increasing web traffic and brand awareness through paid search engine marketing techniques. Students will receive practical training on how to manage and measure paid advertising campaign using AdWords. Topics covered include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), keyword research and bidding, Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook.

Session 3


410-203-TV Marketing by email

This course imparts the knowledge and skills required to design, launch and manage email marketing campaigns. Students will learn how to acquire lists of qualified emails, design an effective email marketing strategy, and write a persuasive offer to ensure a satisfactory rate of response from prospective consumers. Legal aspects concerning privacy and anti-spam are also covered

410-204-TV Website analysis (Google analytics)

This course focuses on leveraging Google Analytics to acquire and aggregate data. Google Analytics expertise requires a thorough understanding of digital analytics fundamentals, Google Analytics platform principles, ecommerce analytics and Google Tag Manager fundamentals.

410-103-TV Communication and networking

This course introduces the different advertising platforms available on the web and offline. The student will learn the fundamentals of business networking while improving their communication skills. In Quebec, knowledge of business French and English is mandatory for employment. By developing a network of professionals, students will be able to better accomplish tasks related to their work.

410-108-TV Project management

This course describes the core principals of project management within an IT/Web organization. Students will learn about project management frameworks, processes and integration as well as how to build a project management plan.

Session 4


410-301-TV Internship

The internship objectives are to learn and practise in a professional workplace with the supervision of the teacher and workplace supervisor. The workplace internship is a key part of students’ training. Students will accomplish tasks that are related to their profession, live the reality of the labour market, develop professional conduct, interact with professionals in the field, receive feedback and apply their training to actual practice.

410-207-TV Internet marketing project

The student at the end of this course will have demonstrated the integration of acquired skilled in Internet marketing. To this end, students are required to create a marketing plan for a real business based on the skills acquired throughout their studies.

410-106-TV Web integration

This course imparts the skills necessary to use the different tools to create a properly structured and well integrated website. Students will dive deep into the creation process of each element of a website that ensures an enjoyable user interface and experience.