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Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 updates at tav College

This webpage has been created to act as an official point of reference for all updates and information regarding COVID-19 at TAV College. Please refer to the links below.

You are also invited to visit us on our social media where we will be posting frequent updates.

Our COVID-19 readiness plan as adopted by board resolution BG-20-009-380

Vaccination against COVID-19 of International students


To all students

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must follow Public Health guidelines and isolate yourself. You must quickly contact your program coordinator and provide proof of your positive test. If you are waiting for a test result, do not come to the College.

To all teachers

Considering the exceptional circumstances surrounding this Fall 2021 semester, the College would like to issue clear guidelines in the event of a COVID-19 case in your class. If a student has tested positive, he/she must tell the program coordinator. The program coordinator will follow up with students and teachers. The student must provide official proof justifying the absence (for example, a letter from Public Health). The procedures following each COVID- 19 case takes into account many factors determined by Public Health and will be communicated from the program coordinator.

Internships (Special Education Programs)

Mandatory vaccination of Health and Social Services workers// Vaccination obligatoire des intervenants du réseau de la santé

Important: Message from the Ministry of Education

As of October 15, 2021, health and social services interns whose activities involve direct contact with patients or with other stakeholders who have contact with patients must be adequately protected against COVID-19. The November 15 deferral does not apply to student interns.

Interns must provide proof that they are adequately protected against COVID-19, this proof must be provided to your program coordinator Annie Goldstein. This is effective starting October 25, 2021. Between October 15 and 25, this will be verified by the place where the internship is completed.



N95 and surgical masks will be available for purchase at TAV for any students who are required to come to campus. However, we strongly encourage you to purchase a reusable mask.

Here are some helpful links where you can purchase your own reusable mask:

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