Computer Assisted Building Design Techniques



Developed by the Cégep de la Pocatière, the computer assisted building design techniques program prepares students to perform the job function of a computer-assisted building design technician and to use parametric drafting / architecture software. This person works in an architectural firm, in engineering or industry in the residential, commercial, industrial or institutional field. Graduates can also manage their own business consulting services as self-employed workers. The graduate’s main tasks include modeling, producing drawings and presentation boards to execute a construction project. Other tasks may also include reproducing or updating existing building plans. In such a context, or in anticipation of a renovation, graduates will maybe need to prepare building statements. While they may work on their own, technicians are normally part of a multidisciplinary team with other technicians in building design, architects, engineers and appraisers. First and foremost dedicated to customer service, the technician will facilitate cooperation and work very closely with other members of the construction team. The use of parametric design software architecture requiring the precision of the value of each parameter to be included in the drawings, it goes without saying that the person must be able to recognize certain principles of construction and to establish links between them. Students must also be able to interpret drawings, specifications and other technical documents. Finally, they must effectively control the use of a computer workstation and network.


Students graduating in Computer Assisted Building Design Techniques (EEC.28) will be well prepared to do the following:

  • Interpret drawings, specifications and other technical documents ;
  • Operate a computer environment
  • Produce drawings and sketches
  • Interpret drawings, specifications and other technical documents
  • Recognize qualitative and quantitative characteristics for the construction of a building
  • Make drawings of a building
  • Establish records of a building
  • to model  a construction project ;
  • produce execution boards for a construction project ;
  • Integrate a workplace
  • or be associated to a workplace *


“Job prospects in this occupation are fair. (Update: January 2013) Over the past few years, the number of drafting technologists and technicians increased significantly. This increase was directly related to manufacturing sector trends. Given the slow increase expected in the manufacturing sector employment, their numbers should increase only slightly over the coming years.” “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that employment of industrial designers was expected to grow 10% between 2010 and 2020, while drafters would only see an increase of 6% ( The best opportunities should arise for drafters with experience and formal training using CAD (computer-aided design) technology.” According to Emploi-Quebec, the job perspective for drafting technicians is favorable.

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