Student Life

Learn more about our various clubs and extracurricular activities

Journalism and Design

This club allows students to develop their talents as journalists, creative writers and designers as they work to produce the college’s official newsletter “The TAV Times”, which is produced twice a semester. Also, club members may take part in various design projects happening around the campus. The general concept of the club is to foster a potential foundation towards a passion, which in turn could become a career down the road. Under the watchful eye of the editor-in-chief of the project, club members are invited to weekly meetings where they may “pitch” or discuss ideas, as well as debate issues in order to further develop article topics. Club members may produce as many articles as they wish per newsletter issue, as well as write on virtually any topic of their choosing! Articles are generally categorized into the following sections: TAV and Community, Sciences, Creative Writing and Editorials.

Art and Music

This club allows students to explore their creative side, as well as discuss, critique and further reflect upon various pop culture mediums. The club is designed to provide a safe space for the connoisseurs of art and music to freely express their views and opinions about related topics of the industry, as well as create art, which will be displayed around the college.


This club allows students to explore the basic components of robotics and remote control engineering and design. Each semester, robotics club members will work towards producing a working prototype project, which may be displayed in the college’s science lab, or potentially entered into provincial/municipal competitions.


This club provides students with the pieces necessary to play a fun, competitive and strategizing game of chess against fellow peers. Each semester the college hosts a chess tournament to crown the TAV College Chess Champion!