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Student Emails


If you are a TAV College student, you qualify for a TAV College student email address and by extension, free access to all of the Microsoft Office 365 software.

Please fill out this form and your name will be added to a list of students who would like a tav college  student email address created for them.


Please read the following:

  • Allow 48 hours for your mailbox to be created by the TAV College IT technician. *Note: During the first two weeks of the new academic year (September), there may be a higher wait-time due to an increase in demand.
  • Your new email address username and password will be sent to you via the email address that you provided in the registration form.
  • Once you have received your mailbox login information, you must activate it by logging in through Google (Gmail).
  • Once you have created a new password, you can use this email account to access Office 365 using this link:
  • Questions? Please email:
* Please Note: 

Students are only be able to use the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on the Microsoft website. Because this is a free service offered by the College, your account does not allow you to download and use the desktop applications.

Thank you

Student email registration form

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