Springboard to DCS



The Springboard program is designed for students who have successfully completed their high school diploma but, they are lacking the prerequisites to gain admission into the program of their choice.

This program is geared towards students who wish to obtain a college diploma in science but lack some or many of the prerequisite math, science and/or language skill credits to be admitted. In this program, students will take courses in English, French, Math (algebra, functions, and trigonometry), Physics, and Chemistry.

Students must achieve at least a 70% average in each of these courses in order to be considered for admission to the DCS programs in Health or Pure and Applied Sciences.

In this program, students are registered full time for remedial science courses while also pursuing general education courses which are credited towards any DCS program.

Advantages of the springboard program

  • Complete prerequisite credits omitted in high school
  • Improve high school grades in order to gain admission to a DCS program
  • The full-time program is offered during the daytime schedule
  • Take college-level English, French, Humanities, Physical Education, and elective courses
  • Greatly improve your success rate in future scientific studies
  • Fulfill prerequisites at the college level rather than returning to high school adult ed.

Guidance counseling and advising

Many high school graduates are still exploring their career options. The Springboard Program is an excellent option to allow students to take the time to consider career choices and options while gaining college credits. At TAV College, our academic advisors will guide you onto the most efficient pathways to ensure you gain admission into the program of your choice.


If you are a student who would like to pursue a specific DCS program, but you are lacking certain math or science prerequisite credits, the Springboard to DCS program is for you. This program provides students with the requirements to enter a DCS program such as Pure and Applied or Health Science as well as Social Science (Commerce Profile).

The springboard semester is full time (7 – 8 courses) during which students also take general education courses that are credited towards any DCS program they chose to pursue afterwards. During the semester, students can:

  • Complete prerequisites
  • Improve their average
  • Lighten the load for the program they ultimately wish to pursue


In order to be admissible to the Springboard program, applicants must have obtained a Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or an equivalency.

Not sure if you meet the admission requirements? Contact one of our advisors!

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