Springboard to DCS 081.06


The Springboard program is designed for students who have successfully completed a high school program but are lacking prerequisites for admission to the program of their choice.

This program is geared to students who wish to obtain a college diploma in science but lack some or many of the requisite math, science and language skills to be admitted. In this program, students will take courses in English, French, math (algebra, functions, and trigonometry), physics, and chemistry.

Students must achieve at least a 70% average in each of these courses in order to be considered for admission to the DEC in Health or Pure and Applied Sciences.

In this program, students are registered full time for remedial science course while also pursuing general education courses which are credited towards any DEC program.

Advantages of springboard program

  • Complete prerequisites omitted in high school.
  • Improve high school grades for admission to DEC programs.
  • The full-time program offered in daytime format.
  • Take college-level English, French, Humanities, Physical Education, and elective courses.
  • Greatly improve the success rate in future scientific studies.
  • Fulfill prerequisites at the college level rather than returning to high school adult ed.

Guidance counseling and advising.

Many high school graduates are still exploring. The springboard program is an excellent time to allow students to consider career choices and options. AT TAV College, our counselors will guide and advise you about efficient pathways for admission to future studies.

Who is the Springboard to DEC Program for?

If you are a student who would like to pursue specific DEC programs but is lacking math or science prerequisites, the Springboard to DCS program is for you. This program provides students with the requirements to enter DEC programs such as pure and applied or health science as well as commerce.

The springboard semester is full time during which students also take general education courses that are credited towards any DEC program they chose to pursue afterward. During this semester, students can complete prerequisites, improve their average, and lighten the load for the program they ultimately wish to pursue.


To be admissible to the springboard program, applicants must have completed their Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies (D.E.S.) or equivalency.

Springboard to DEC Program - TAV College Montreal


Semester 1

201-016-TV – Sec  IV Mathematics Remedial Activity (TS 406 or SN 406)75 hrs
602-010-TV – Pratique du Français, langue seconde45 hrs
201-015-TV – Sec V Mathematics Remedial Activity (TS 506 or SN 506)90 hrs
202-001-TV – Sec V Chemistry Remedial Activity (CH 504)75 hrs
201-003-TV – Sec IV Physical Science Remedial Activity75 hrs
603-004-TV – Preparation for College English60 hrs
601-004-TV – Français mise à niveau secondaire V


Semester 2

203-001-TV – Sec V Physics Remedial Activity (PH 504)75 hrs
602-100-MQ – Basic French45 hrs
420-TVA-TV – Computers in Society45 hrs
- Kowledge

The objective of this course is to apply a logical analytical process through knowledge is organized and used.
Competencies to be developed include:

  • To recognize the basic elements of a field of knowledge
  • To define the modes of organizations and utilization of a field of knowledge
  • To situate a field of knowledge within its historical context
  • To organize the main components into coherent patterns
  • To produce a synthesis of the main components
- Introduction to College English

The objective of this course is to analyze and produce various forms of discourse.
Competencies to be developed are:

  • To identify the characteristics and functions of the components of literary texts
  • To determine the organizations of facts and arguments of a given literary text
  • To prepare ideas and strategies for a projected discourse
  • To explicate a discourse
  • To edit the discourse

All components lead to the production of a 750 word essay.

- Physical Activity and Health

The objective of this course is to analyze one’s physical activity from the standpoint of a healthy lifestyle.
Competencies to be developed include:

  • Establishing the relationship between one’s lifestyle habits and health
  • Being physically active in a manner that promotes one’s health
  • Recognizing one’s needs, abilities and motivational factors with respect to regular and sufficient physical activity
  • To propose physical activities that promote one’s health

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