Springboard to DCS



The Springboard to DCS program provides students with the education that enables them to inroll in or complete a program of study leading to a DEC. The Springboard program is designed for students who have successfully completed a high school or high school equivalency program.

The Integration to Science Program will constitute the basis for students wishing to obtain a college diploma in science, but lack some or many of the requisite math, science and language skills to be admitted. In this program, students will take courses in English writing, French, math (algebra, functions and trigonometry), physics, and chemistry. Students must achieve at least a 70% average in each of these courses in order to be considered for admission to the DEC in Health or Pure and Applied Sciences.


To be admissible to the program, the applicant must have completed his/her Quebec Diploma of Secondary studies (D.E.S.) or equivalency.


  • 201-016-50 – Math 436 (406)
  • 201-015-50 – Math 536 (506)
  • 203-001-50 – Physics 534 (504)
  • 202-001-50 – Chemistry 534 (504)
  • 602-008-50 – French Sec V
  • 603-003-50 – English Sec V

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