Privacy Policy

This web page aims to explain how TAV College collects and stores personal information as well as tracks Internet user behavior through our websites.

TAV College is devoted to the protection of your personal information and adheres to the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (chapter P-39.1).

Web privacy

TAV College collects user behavior data via our website and social media platforms for marketing, retention, website enhancement, and/or communication purposes. The behavior we track may include the pages you visited, the web elements you have interacted with, and the time you have spent on a web page. No user behavior data that we collect may be used, sold, or distributed without the consent of the individuals involved. We do not collect IP address information.

Personal Information

Any personal information that is disclosed on our website is treated as confidential informaiton. Only authorized TAV College employees have access to this information and it cannot be sold, distributed, or communicated without your consent. Additionally, at any time, you (or an authorized person on your behalf) may make a request to view the information contained within our system.

Email privacy

TAV College collects the email address of all students at the time of online registration and uses your email address for the purpose of communicating pertinent and crucial information to you. For mass communications, you will be presented with the option to unsubscribe at all times. However, unsubscribing from our emails may result in the loss of relevant information regarding topics such as registration deadlines, exam information, campus safety, etc.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, via the footer of our website, it is automatically understood that you consent to receive mass communications from our organization. A user who voluntarily subscribes to our mailing list will nonetheless be presented with the option to unsubscribe at any point.

Updated: April 27, 2022

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