Course List - Personal Training

AEC - JYC.08


144-803-MO Introduction to the Profession

This course is the foundation for future studies in personal training. It provides the theoretical knowledge for future exercise program design; as well, it defines the role of a personal trainer in meeting any participants’ specific fitness and wellness goals.

144-814-MO Function Anatomy

Anatomy, as an indispensable component of a personal training curriculum, aims to provide the basis of the trainer’s knowledge. This course provides instruction and skills needed for locating bones and muscles of the human body.

144-824-MO Elements of Applied Physiology

This course is designed to build the students’ knowledge of basic concepts in homeostatic and exercise physiology, and to introduce how applied physiology can help in working with special populations and individuals with medical conditions.

391-834-MO Room Exercises with or without Equipment

This course introduces the student to a wide scope of group fitness activities and to develop basic leadership and teaching skills within a group environment. This course allows the student to apply principles of training and exercise techniques learned in other courses in a practical setting.

144-843-MO Elements of Applied Pathology

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of pathological processes and how these relate specifically to exercise and the development of programs appropriate to clients of varying physical capacities.

391-853-MO Fitness Level Assessment

This course is designed to provide students with thorough training in current assessment and testing skills needed to successfully evaluate fitness participants.


391-864-MO Training Programs

This course provides the foundation for understanding the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle habits in teaching fitness participants.

391-873-MO Supervision of Individual and Group Activities

This course is designed to enhance the basic group fitness skills that the students attained in group exercise leadership. This course will focus on the practical skills involved with teaching group fitness classes, specifically the elements of muscle toning.

144-883-MO Adapted Interventions

This course will address the provision of leisure and fitness services to people with disabilities/ illnesses/ conditions and the process involved in making appropriate decisions with regard to leisure and more specifically fitness programming.

391-893-MO Preparation for the Labour Market

This course is designed to introduce and expand the students’ knowledge of the workplace environment, and to provide the skills and tools necessary to enter the workforce.

391-8A3-MO Aquatic Activities

This course exposes the student to the art and science of leading an exercise class in the aquatic environment. The objective of this course is to provide the students with the scientific principles related to vertical water training.

391-8B3-MO Outdoor Activities

This course introduces principles of outdoor recreation leadership in a combination of classroom lectures and field trips, as students practice planning activities, leading a group and developing an awareness of the natural environment.

391-8BI-MO Internship

The stage or work portion of the AEC program provides the student with different opportunities to put into practice the many skills and theories acquired during academic classes.

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