DCS Programs


We offer 8 unique DCS programs. All DCS programs offer you the opportunity to advance to higher education, or you can also find employment right out of College!

What is a DCS?

DCS is an acronym for Diploma of College Studies and is unique to the Quebec education system. The college system in Quebec is the mid-point between highschool and university. With a DCS, students generally will advance to university-level studies.


As a pre-university program, the main objective of the science programs is to equip students to pursue university-level studies in pure and applied or health sciences.

Social Science

The Social Science program is intended to enable students to pursue university studies in the broad areas of social science, law, education, and administration.

Arts, Liturature & Communication

The program will allow students to become familiar with the technologies of communication. Prospective students in this program hold an interest in media, web interactivity and cultural studies.

Springboard to DCS

The Springboard to DCS program is designed for students who have successfully completed a high school program but are lacking prerequisites for admission to the program of their choice.

Early Childhood Education (DCS)

An individual who has graduated from the Early Childhood Education DCS program will work with children from 0 to 12 years old and can also take part in the management of a daycare centre.

Special Care Counselling

Successful completion of this program allows students to acquire the skills that will enable them to exercise the profession of a special care counsellor or a specialized educator.