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Québec Perspective Scholarship

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The government of Québec is offering a scholarship to students who are currently enrolled in fields of study that are in high demand in the province. From computer sciences technology to special care counseling. Find out below if you are eligible to receive a $1,500 scholarship for the Fall 2022 semester and up to $9,000 over a three-year program.

What is in demand in Québec?

There are over 25 eligible programs according to the government of Québec. The objective of “Opération main-d’oeuvre” is to incentivize students to receive a diploma in programs leading to employment in fields with shortages in the workforce. This includes the economic sector (engineering and information technology) and essential public services (health and social services, education, and educational childcare services).

The programs offered at TAV College that are eligible for the scholarship are the following

Are you eligible?

In order to apply for the “Opération main-d’oeuvre” scholarship you must meet the requirements set by the Québec government.
  • Must be a Québec Resident
  • Must be enrolled in an eligible college program
  • Must not be in any Excellence Scholarships
  • The previous term must have been completed with full-time status
  • Must not exceed the maximum number of study terms (six for college level)

How do I apply?

Between January 18th, 2023, and March 1st, 2023 eligible students can easily apply online. If the student meets the requirements they will receive $1,500 for a completed semester. That means you can receive up to $9,000 for six semesters in a three-year technical program.

Use the links below to:

  • Learn more about the “Opération main-d’oeuvre” scholarship
  • Apply online in English
  • Apply online in French
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