Personal Training



Thepersonal training certification program aims to train fitness instructors whose role is to promote physical activity and health and want to become certified fitness professionals.

Upon Graduation, students will be able to:

  • serve a varied clientele
  • Develop assessment and evaluation skills
  • Develop individualized Training Programs
  • participate in the implementation of follow-up mechanisms on the clientele
  • promote health towards consumers
  • obtain certification in personal training, group exercise, small group training, and corrective conditioning.
  • Develop skills in strength and conditioning
  • Seek personal training accreditation by writing certification exams such as ACE, ACSM, NSCA


Goals of the Personal Training program

  • the professional means to properly carry out the tasks and activities associated with the profession with acceptable performance levels in an entry-level position in the workplace
  • promote the integration of the individual in professional life, namely through a knowledge of the workplace and the specific context of his profession
  • encourage life-long learning and furthering one’s professional knowledge
  • facilitate professional mobility by providing the individual, among others, career management tools.

Personal Training program TAV College - Fitness Gear


Students graduating in Personal Training Program (JYC.08) will be well prepared to do the following:

  • Analyze the work function of the “Fitness Instructor”.
  • Acquire relevant knowledge on the anatomy to help make appropriate exercise choices based on the fitness level of the clientele.
  • Link physiological mechanisms with needs to attain or maintain physical fitness.
  • Use exercises that progressively call on various cardio, muscular and sensimotor abilities.
  • Interpret information on some medical conditions with respect to a fitness program.
  • Assess the abilities and needs of the clientele to attain or maintain a level of physical fitness.
  • Develop multi-levelled fitness programs.
  • Supervise the implementation of a program, an activity or an exercise class.
  • Adapt a fitness program or activity according to any exercise-able clientele.
  • Offer professional services.
  • Lead in an aquatic setting a fitness program.
  • Lead outdoors a fitness program or activity.

Next terms begins: September 4, 2018
Application deadline: June 4, 2018


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